ITRC’s Seminar Series on “Resilience and Sustainability of Urban Transportation Infrastructure" - Shared screen with speaker view
Farhad Ansari
You can use chat to pose your questions. I will call on you in the order of your chat to ask your question from the speaker
Ali Maher
I have a question
Krishna Reddy
What is the role of stakeholders engagement (especially affected communities) in infrastructure planning and development? How is ASCE emphasizing on this!
Hossein Ataei
Very interesting and highly engaging presentation! Thank you! A quick question: How the expertise and "lessons learned" from one concept of the futuristic cities can be carried over to the other?
Baris Salman
it seems technology is evolving at a much faster pace than policy. what should be done to reduce the gap between the two in order to make civil and construction engineering projects less risk averse?