ITRC’s Seminar Series on “Resilience and Sustainability of Urban Transportation Infrastructure” - Shared screen with speaker view
Didem Ozevin
Thank you for excellent presentation and providing many resources. My question is that how often a resilient and risk model should be updated for hazards. And. what is the most sensitive variable in assessing vulnerability and revising mitigation plans?
Hiba Al-adhami
interesting presentation! thank you very much
Baris Salman
Thank you for your great presentation. Many agencies are aiming to achieve a state of good repair. How would you connect resiliency with state of good repair? The balance between preservation and capital improvement seems to be gaining more importance.
Kazem Oryani
In life cycle cost analysis of infrastructure projects, is resiliency taken into account?
Marcia Lampela
We will send out a registration link to the June seminar.