DPI-Fermilab Research Partnership on Computing and Data Technologies - Information Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Fitzsimons
Please feel free to post your questions here
Vitaliy Yurkiv
Can you elaborate on areas of application? I am particularly interested in energy area. What exactly is foreseen to be funded in this area?
Abhijeet Ghoshal
In a business school, normally a paper published in specific journal is valued most, and conference presentations are not very much valued. In terms of the life cycle of the project, will this be supported as the primary goal?
Gabriel Perdue
For participation from the business side (from the UI system), most of the value would be delivered at the proposal stage. It would be tricky to spend funds over the proposal to support on-going business-side research. Do we have good incentives in place to engage people in the UI system from the business side?
Donald Takehara
Can you give some background on selection of the topic of computing and data technologies?
Harsh Taneja
How would you facilitate teams? This is the first I am hearing of fermilab and I see on the website it is a particle physics lab. I know applied physicists work on a variety of topics, but how do we find potential collaborators if we don’t know anyone there already?
Kenneth Kriz
As I understand it, this is for funding collaboration between UI and Fermilab researchers. Is there a list of researchers that we can use to make contacts?
Donald Takehara
Thank you!
Harsh Taneja
could you allow us to put our google scholar or other research profile links in that sheet? That would help us understand people’s interests better than a few keywords we enter
John Finan
My goal is novel hardware and firmware, not software. There is no AI. Is this a deal breaker for this program?
Josh Bruce (he/him)
Thanks for the info, all!